Francisella is a genus of pathogenic bacteria, also considered parasites of macrophages (white blood cells whose normal task is to engulf and then digest cellular debris and pathogens). The most notorious of the species is F. tularensis, which causes the disease tularemia.

Tularemia (also known as rabbit fever, deer fly fever, and Ohara's fever) is a serious infectious disease of several subspecies with varying degrees of virulence. The most important of those is F. tularensis tularensis (Type A), found in lagomorphs in North America, and is highly virulent in humans and domestic rabbits. F. tularensis palaearctica (Type B) occurs mainly in aquatic rodents (beavers, muskrats) in North America and in hares and small rodents in northern Eurasia. It is less virulent for humans and rabbits. The primary vectors are ticks and deer flies, but the disease can also be spread through other arthropods.

See Tularemia for more details.

This Quantum Formula antidotes the various species in the Francisella genus and the subspecies of tularensis.

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