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How To Achieve Emotional Balance

Gaining Emotional Balance To Achieve Physical Health

Those who aspire to complete wellness must recognize that we are made of more than just physical attributes. Most people are aware of the need to help the physical body with good diet and exercise, but the physical body is only a part of the whole being. The emotional portion of our being must also achieve healing for complete wellness to occur. The truth is that the physical body is often overwhelmed and unhealthy due to old, deeply buried emotional hurts. In many cases, your conscious mind isn’t even aware of that fact!

I am quite sure that all living things are multifaceted, but my specialty is human beings. I can say with certainty that the human Be-ing is a multifaceted organism containing physical, emotional and spiritual attributes. Further, I believe all problems or imbalances, on any of the three levels, inter-connect in some way. It may sound complex, but what it really means is that we can often treat one of the levels and it will affect the other levels. For example, the emotion Anger is physically connected to the liver. If someone starts doing things to support and detoxify the liver, they will notice that the emotional and spiritual attributes of anger improve. OR, if a person does some emotional healing about why they are angry to begin with, what incidence in childhood created this deep emotion to manifest, healing on that level will also be noticed physically in the liver.

The physical manifestations are the most evident symptoms in most cases and they require the least amount of “work”. The focus of the GWSW Program is to address the human organism in a multi-faceted manner. The Quantum Remedies help to detoxify and support the physical body, which allows it to process emotions more efficiently, and brings more spiritual awareness. If you have used the Quantum Remedies and find that there are physical or emotional issues that are not responding, you might consider some emotional support with Bach Flowers. You may choose the right flower from the list here, or use the Free Consultation form found at the Home page.

Science used to believe that emotions were stored in the brain, but it is now understood that the organ tissues of the body actually store and process emotions. This means that the amount of health in a particular system will dictate how well we will process the emotional experience connected to that system. (Examples at bottom of page.) Let me give you an example: There are two men standing on the side of the road. A car comes by and runs through a puddle sending water up and splashing both men. One man becomes angry and begins to cuss while the other just feels some annoyance at the inconvenience of the situation. We already discussed that anger is the emotion controlled by the liver, so guess who has the more unhealthy liver? Otherwise stated, if the system is healthy, the emotional profile connected to that system can process without creating a negative reaction and it is simply stored as an event. In these cases, the body adapts without feeling excessive stress. If the system lacks the ability to process the emotion, you feel very stressed about the situation and the event is stored with a negative impact on the tissues of that system. NOTE: When emotional traumas that are beyond our control occur (rape, abortion, physical trauma, violence, lack of parental love, religious perceptions, etc.), the pain of the situation is stored in the tissues of the body and inhibit normal actions and functions of cells. These negative programs have a huge impact on the physical body. In these cases it was less about the health of the organ/system, and more about the psychological profile. Instead of the weak system allowing for unchecked emotional feelings, now we have an emotional scar that will slowly cause system toxicity to the organ/system it relates to.

The tapping protocol explained below has shown dramatic effect in converting negative emotions that may be inhibiting wellness into positive expressions that are no longer harmful to the tissues of the body.


There are several ways of obtaining/creating negative emotions

  1. They are inherited from our parents; we cannot be born more than the sum of their best. In my opinion, all Miasms are carried to the genetic expression via emotion that carries on.
  2. We often obtain incorrect perceptions in utero or as small children because small children incorrectly perceive situations of high stress to be their fault.
  3. Learned behaviors from other people who were not good examples or influences (parents, guardians, piers).
  4. Lack of nutritional balance results in chemical imbalance that inhibit the hormones required to process emotions in a healthy way.
  5. Traumatic experiences, which include but are not limited to experiences such as violence and rape or being an eye witness of a crime all get filed in tissues of the body as negative equations.
  6. Experiences or situations that hurt your feelings repeatedly will also create negative patterns that you then form. Many of these are part of real life, but they are circumstances of stress. Example: Being in a situation that does not get better, but does not seem to have a way out (bad marriage; dead end job).


  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It takes practice if you are not accustomed to it.
  • Ask forgiveness of anyone you have lied to, stolen from, cheated or otherwise been dishonest with in any way (present or past). It may seem trivial now, but it is incredibly therapeutic to the soul.
  • Forgive yourself and others in any area of your life that creates bitterness, anger or painful thoughts (deserving or not).
  • Find joy in helping others and being kind to them even if they don’t deserve it knowing that, “As you do for others, so shall it be done to you.”
  • When other people cause you stress realize the place they are in. You see, you are a sum of all the things that have happened in your life. The way your father and mother treated you, how your piers in school treated you, the kind of treatment you feel you never received, relationships gone sour and everything else contributes to the way your brain currently processes every experience of life. It’s the same for everyone else too. So when someone else is giving you a hard time, see a mental image of them feeling very hurt inside and they don’t know how to act or react any better. They are the way they are because of too much hurt in their emotional heart. If they are that full of hurt, have compassion on them because they are in worst shape than you are! Perhaps your understanding and kindness will be a turning point for them.
  • Initiate Spirituality by hearing God’s voice. In this case, God represents a Higher Being. Take time to connect, meditate, pray and hear, or even better, listen!

Following are some questions. When these questions are left unanswered, it allows for a lack of self purpose and emotional frustration. See if you can work on answers for the following. There is no right or wrong answer, simply awareness.

  1. Do you remember any stresses or events that occurred at or around the same time as any of your current physical complaints?
  2. Do any of your physical complaints become more aggravated or noticeable during certain emotional times or stresses?
  3. What are your passions? What fulfills your heart? You might call this your calling, your destiny .. why you are here. Are you on the right path? IF not, what is your plan to get there?
  4. What are the three most important priorities in your life right now? Are you proud of your answer? IF not, what would make you proud?
  5. Is there any person or obstacle standing in the way of your passions being fulfilled? How can you change that and yet remain with an attitude of love and thankfulness?


CLEARING CONGESTION: Get rid of things you no longer need. Clean up and clean out closets, sheds, attics, basements, your car or any place where you stash things. If you are too sick or busy to do it, hire someone to help you. When you give away old things, you unconsciously rid yourself of old problems. Give freely with no strings attached, which means no stipulations when you give, and expect nothing in return.

INVEST YOUR MIND WISELY: Be conscious of where you spend your time as the investment of time is the investment of life. Are you living it or watching it go by in reality shows, in criticism, in bitterness, in a bar? Take time and place importance into thanking people, showing respect and courteousness to everyone. No person is better than another.

FINANCIALLY: Catherine Ponder writes, “You do not honor the rich Creator or the Earth through poverty.” While this begins as a state of mind, you cannot achieve success in any area of life without investing something into it. Tithe ten percent of your income to those less fortunate. Also consider a percent of your time and skill as a tithe to those who may not be able to pay you for your expertise. Where you place your money is where your faith is.

Note that an imbalance of an emotion either way (too much or too little) indicates imbalance of the referenced system.

  • Adrenal = dogmatic/narrow minded
  • Bladder = miffed, timid, wishy-washy
  • Gallbladder = bitterness, revenge, can’t stick to a job, needs continual change
  • Heart = joy of life, too much laughter (always giggling), lack of emotions, rapid speech
  • Kidney = fear, dread, phobias
  • Large Intestine = holding on to/can’t let go, dogmatic, compelled to neatness, hangs on to beliefs (right or wrong)
  • Liver = anger, resentment, stubbornness, irrational frustration, aggression
  • Lungs = Sadness, grief, cloudy thinking
  • Lymphatic = reliving negativity
  • Ovary = self worth
  • Pancreas = over concern, hopelessness, needs control, over sympathetic, lack of fun (sweetness organ)
  • Pineal = intuition/reception
  • Pituitary = analytical/thinking
  • Prostate = love experience
  • Small Intestine = vulnerable, trouble sorting feelings, absent minded, abandonment, insecurity
  • Spleen = jealousy
  • Stomach = disgust, obsession, despair (see heart also)
  • Teeth = chewing over and over a problem
  • Testicle = self worth
  • Thymus = self esteem/image
  • Thyroid = self pity
  • Uterus = love experience


  1. Breast Problems = don’t feel nurtured or is not nurturing someone they need to be
  2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome = over sympathetic
  3. Endometriosis = overwhelmed care giver, feels unappreciated
  4. Eyes = not seeing something of importance; not focusing on important things (like relationships or self change)
  5. Feet Problems = not strong in what you believe/your own conviction, walking for someone else’s beliefs
  6. Fibromyalgia = chaotic mind, lack of centering, taking on more than you can handle; lack of self love; excessive guilt
  7. Herpes virus’ = these virus’ tend to live where there are feelings of sexual guilt
  8. Nerve problems = not enough “feelers”; learn to feel, not think and analyze
  9. Reproductive Problems (prostate, teste, uterus, ovary) = lack of self love, low self esteem
  10. Teeth = chewing on or obsessing about a problem with no obvious resolution. Need to make a decision and stick by it.
  11. Weight = Unable to prosper, stuck in a rut (emotional or physical)


LOVE: Dopamine together with norepinephrine create the feelings of love.

ANGER: If norepinephrine levels get high and serotonin levels are low, anger, rage and aggressive behavior occur.

EUPHORIA: Dopamine is thought to be the hormone which produces the feelings of euphoria.

FAITHFULNESS: Oxytocin is associated with feeling nurtured or cared for. It creates feelings of loyalty, faithfulness, and community.