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Mammogram Alternative

I don’t think I have ever met a woman who enjoyed a mammogram. I pondered the best way to write about how harmful a mammogram is. I wanted to relay how the very nature, pressure and radiation one receives from a mammogram can contribute to cancer while trying to detect it. I happened upon Dr. Mercola’s post about thermograms and decided there was no need to reproduce the wheel on this one. I agree with this synopsis that Thermograms are much, much safer, they do not harm the body, do not cause discomfort, and can see things before they are at “diagnosable” levels. That is real preventative medicine because it gives you time to do something about it should the scan determine there is a potential problem. Please read the full article here.

REMEMBER! Cancer can only grow in an acid environment, so another preventative test is to monitor your own body pH on a regular basis. Those numbers will tell you how much modifying you need to do AT HOME to get your body out of a place of dis-ease and back to healthy. Ph article >