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About GWSW Products

We provide you with two different kinds of Remedies/Supplements on our site. Under the Nutrition tab you will find our Nutritional products. These are herbal combinations made with ingredients of the highest quality. As you cruise around our website, you will notice that the majority of products offered on our site are NOT Nutritional Supplements. We believe that energy medicine is much more effective than Nutritionals (more info), assuming each person is getting a decent diet intake. For those on the road all the time, those that do not get enough vegetable fiber, don’t eat enough raw vegetables, or just plain don’t like to eat well, we have created something you can take each day to assure you are getting the basics.

For those few Nutritional products we DO offer, you will find the combinations are not just a list of herbal ingredients known to be good for their task, but they also had to be energetically matched. It is much like picking a good team, but just because you put 10 people with similar skills on a team doesn’t mean they will work well together. We were very selective and did thorough testing to assure that the electrochemical components of each ingredient was compatible and complimentary with the other ingredients.

In addition to compatible herbal ingredients, we have imprinted the Nutritional products with the Quantum signatures of each ingredient. This process is very important. You see, all nutrients consists of two parts: a physical molecule and a micro current that makes that molecule effective in the body. Molecules without current are about as effective as a light bulb without electricity. The bulb is there, but it is not going to work without current.

We imprint the contents of each product with a series of very specific electromagnetic signatures to assure you get not just a high quality ingredient, but the electromagnetic part that makes that ingredient effective! This process is very unique and one of a kind.

As stated above, the majority of products offered on our site are NOT Nutritional Supplements. You will find Symptom Relief Remedies, System Support Remedies, Detox Remedies and even some Quantum Nutritional Remedies. These remedies come in liquid format and are similar to a homeopathic. Similar in that it is “energy medicine,” but not the same in that our remedies are much more complex and much more advanced than a traditional homeopathic. This process was invented by Dr. DeHaan, so there is no other remedy system like it on the planet. The formulas, creation and production are a process founded in advanced Quantum Physics. This is why we call our remedies Quantum Remedies.

Obviously our methods are proprietary, but in basic terms, the liquid in our Quantum Remedies contain carefully imprinted micro currents which act like a set of directions. Think of it like burning 10 of your favorite songs onto a CD. When the burn process is complete, the CD does not weigh any more, and you cannot see the song on the CD, but it is there. When you take a dose of out Quantum Remedies, the information travels through your nervous system at about 200mph sending signals to the many areas, parts or functions targeted by that remedy. We do not heal, and the remedies do not heal. What they do is provide your brain and your immune system with information needed to remind it, encourage it, to start working for you again. The remedy turns all those switches back on and activates your innate healing miracle.

NOTE: Because we have not placed the herb in the solution, only the micro current, it allows for a large percent of each product to be instantly absorbed. This means trouble with digestion or assimilation is never a factor.

Please read “Dr. DeHaan’s Healing Discovery” to fully understand why we are so excited to offer you energy medicine rather than the handfuls of supplements you may be used to taking. If you have a history of taking Nutritional Supplements, you may want to look at the posts under the Supplement tab to your left.