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What Do I REALLY Need?

This is a confusing topic for most. All the experts, from the well published alternative doctors to the many companies selling Supplements, all have amazing advice, reasons and studies as to why you need this or that supplement. While I generally do not disagree with valid information, I do not buy into the pitch that we all need to be taking our Vitamins. Our approach is based on Dr. DeHaan’s Healing Discovery.

The principle of the Discovery is basically that elements in the body become inactive rather than becoming deficient. You may want to read that line again because this is not a concept you have likely heard before .. anywhere! Are you ready for this? Your DNA has everything you will ever need hard wired into it, it never runs out! Then why are you showing signs of what would seem to be classical deficiency of a nutrient? Nutritional elements do become inactive, or dormant for a variety of reasons you can read at the above mentioned link. While a few people may feel that wellness simply is not possible without that hand full of pills, the majority LOVE the fact that they don’t have to pop handfull’s of pills every day. They love that they don’t need to keep up with the latest research and information, and they love saving the money!

Remember, our approach is not based on a study that generated certain conclusions and left us with a strong theory. This is a protocol tried and validated with actual results in a clinic setting. Not only do we have more than a decade of results with this principle, we have trained practitioners all over the world in it and they are reproducing it. It is similar to the way Homeopathic medicine works. It is an FDA approved, scientifically validated form of medicine, yet it provides nothing but energy signatures to the body. Absolutely miraculous cases are reported in medical journals and yet that homeopathic medicine did not provide the calcium or magnesium or other supplement the experts seem to think we all “must have.”

Like I said, it is not that I do not agree with many of the published studies that certain nutrients have been linked to specific symptoms or health condition, where I differ is in how you correct it. Rather than taking the actual Supplement, if you supply the current for that nutrient, if you supply the electromagnetic signature, it will reactive the dormant or inactive chemical particles in your system. They never go away, they just get lazy and go to sleep some times.

Imagine if there was a hole in the line that takes gasoline from your gas tank to your engine. Every time you get in your car you would think that you were “out of gas.” Studies would show that the car is clearly deficient, or missing gasoline. But that is not a fair trial if the gasoline leaked out the hole during the night. Rather than fill the tank every time you wanted to use the car, it would seem more prudent to fix the reason for the gas “deficiency” wouldn’t it? That is what our Quantum Remedies do.

Our Quantum Remedies provide that current, the truly essential part of each nutrient class. So some people ask why we carry the Nutritional Supplements at all then? Why do we have Super Nutrient, Digestive Enzymes and Bowel Cleaners? Well, we don’t take a concept so far that we loose balance and throw the baby out with the bath water. There is a fundamental principle here. Man was not designed or created to live on vibration alone. How many people have you ever heard about that could live with no food, just on happy thoughts and love? No, the body must get some fundamentals. If you are incorporating a decent diet, which is not any specific diet, just one that has the basic wholesome proteins/fats/complex carbohydrates, you have your daily fulfillments of the required chemistry. Above that, the current of an item is better and more effective than adding Supplements of some kind.

But there are those who either travel too much, dislike healthy foods, have habits they cannot break or some other excuse and they don’t even get the basics in. These are the people that our Supplements help the most. Let me give you a breakdown of “when you need what.”

Digestive Aid – This assures you are getting all the critical enzymes, for those who don’t eat many raw fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. If you don’t eat those veggies raw, there are no enzymes in them.

Super Nutrient – Created for those who do not get very much organic, unprocessed foods. Also good for those who don’t eat much of a variety. Supplies all the base-line vitamins and minerals needed.

IC-1 – Intestinal Cleanser 1 supplies the fiber needed for healthy cleansing and intestinal movement. You need this if you do not eat many raw fruits, vegetables or healthy fibers every day.

Bowel Stimulant – Guarantees your bowels are going to move. Best product of its kind, no sugar, colors, or other junk that should not be in your body.

Vitamin D3 – If you do not get out in the sun much, or do not participate in some strength training exercises, this assures you are keeping essential Vitamin D levels in a safe range.

IC-2 – Absorbs all manner of toxins and poisons. Have it on hand and use when you would normally reach for the pepto bismol (nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach).

If you feel that you have all the basic elements of diet, exercise and sunshine covered, (and drinking plenty of water) then you probably do not need any base-line nutritional supplements. Utilize the protocol outlines at the Symptom/Disease section and expect amazing results. If you feel you live a balanced life and still feel you may need some additional nutrition, consider supplying the Quantum version of it.  Click the Nutrition tab above and look at the Quantum Nutrients.