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1. How it began for me

The name of this website is Get Well, Stay Well AT HOME. That probably means different things to different people, but it is quite literal for me. Well, now it is. You absolutely have the ability to heal yourself at home, without drugs and surgery. That said, I completely believe that the ER and trauma medicine saves lives, and that modern medicine is amazing in that department. 100 years ago people with medical emergencies died. Today, incredible technology and skills have been achieved to save lives. If you have an emergency, go to the ER!

In terms of non-emergency medical care – getting well and staying well … you can do that at home much better than in a specialists office. You can do the healthy things that keep you well, at home, you can get your sick self well, at home, with medicines that you can grow, at home. I even had my babies, at home, literally! Well, I didn’t actually birth them, my wife did, lol. If you resonate or desire any part of the Get Well and Stay Well concept of At Home, how much of that are you currently able to do?

Get Well implies that you are not currently well. Getting well relies on the miraculous ability our body has to self correct and actually heal! Are you using medications to relieve the broken functions of your body? Because  they will never get you well. Get Well requires that you give your body the elements it needs in order for it to achieve that miracle you seek from it. The body is a living organism, and it is not difficult to achieve the Get Well miracle you may be seeking.

It may be convenient to just buy a supplement and assume you are getting all the nutrients you need to get healthy, but do you really know the quality and source of that item? It is certainly easier to go to the natural market and get organic foods than to grow them yourself, but again, do you know the true quality and source of that item? What if you grew your food and medicine right at home? It might sound like something you have no interest in, and that was me some time ago. But if you want true health and longevity long term, there is only one recipe for that. You might live in the city and eat an organic diet and work out and stay fit, but there is a very important factor missing that you simply cannot get there. I explain that in the second point/blog/article (hint: microbiome correction).

We are not talking about old fashioned gardening that requires tractors and tilling the soil, and you don’t need a big space. You will not be growing everything you eat, at first at least. But we all have to start somewhere. In the following links and pages, I will share with you Dr.D’s version of Getting Well, and Staying Well. It takes a little interaction from you, but I can almost guarantee you will grow to love it.

MY STORY. It is interesting that I was raised in the Amazon jungle, off grid, literally requiring a boat ride to get to town for medicine or food. People there live the way they did here 100 years ago. They had their babies at home with a local midwife, pumped water out of the ground by hand, washed clothes in the river, and grew the food they ate. Grow something to eat, or don’t eat! Pretty simple concept. I was 10 years old when I came to the great USA. When I saw flushing toilets and switches that turned on lights, something inside of me became an instant city boy. The days of hands in the dirt toiling in the sun were over! I had arrived where I was born to be! Life was going to be awesome in the city.

But it didn’t work out quite that way for a while. My parents moved to the country where my dad had a garden every year and operated his veterinary practice out of an office in the home. Thank the Lord I eventually got old enough to leave country living and could head to the city! The pavement and bright lights called to me! Surely there were important things for me to do there.

I had been raised pretty holistic minded (no advil or ER in the middle of the jungle) so when my dad mentioned Naturopathic Medicine as a career, I said sure, it beats treating animals with bowel incontinence and smelly skin rashes! But I became a modern progressive practitioner. I knew how to help people treat their ailments with lots of supplements they had to purchase. As long as the supplement shops were open, I could tell them what to go purchase. At the end of my work day, I would leave my city practice office, get in my cool car, loosen my city boy tie and go home to select a remote with a button I could push to watch my automated life. I could open remote controlled curtains so I could start my remote controlled car. Heck yea! Are you kidding me, if there was a button for it, I wanted that version! Life was great in the city.

Then I got a little older and found myself traveling two weekends a month teaching other people about natural medicine and what capsule they might take for the condition they had. I don’t know what happened exactly, but one day I was just tired of looking out a condo window at a city view looking at more buildings. And suddenly traffic was super annoying! Where did all these people come from anyway? I had to get out to the country. Something about my roots & the way I was raised must have kicked in. Maybe the rebel in me started to calm down so instinct could once again begin to grow? I made a big life change and I found myself eight acres 30 miles outside the city. It was so calm and peaceful to drink a cup of coffee in the morning and see grass and trees and hear birds chirping. The high from the rat race in the city went away and I began to love the calm. Wow the American dream to own a little piece of land turned out to be a lot of work! Hours and hours of chores to do every week including fences to fix, mowing, and lots more mowing! I wanted to grow a few of my favorite veggies like tomatoes and potatoes. But to do that there was tilling, weeding, and tons of pests fighting for the little food I would try to grow .. what had I gotten myself into!

Long story short, if you are a seasoned farmer, or even homesteader, I might have a few things that will interest you. If you are a modern city dweller, I used to be like you. I didn’t ever want to see dirt under my fingernails, ever again! I didn’t even have a house plant before I moved to the country! As the next article in this category will elaborate, connecting with healthy soil is one of the single most important things you can do for your longevity. Growing food, medicine and taking care of yourself at home actually does not have to be hard, and it works the same way pretty much all over the world. I did things the way most people had always done them in the past, but there are better ways than traditional growing and farming.

I don’t use a tractor for growing food or medicine, I don’t even own a tiller. I am not off grid (yes, I still love buttons, gadgets, and the internet) or I would not be able to get this out to you. As long as you have a tiny piece of dirt and you are willing to keep it free of pesticides, you can do this along with me. I teach about mulch gardening (not just any mulch), growing your own medicine, saving the genetically superior seeds you will get and reconnecting with a primordial need that is hard wired into our DNA (that’s the microbiome piece in the next article). Let me share what I have learned and what I hope you will incorporate into your journey to true healing (that’s Get Well) and longevity (that’s Staying Well).