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Milk! It Does a Body Good?

If you listen to the mainstream you probably think milk is an essential element to your health.  In Dr. Dehaan’s book, “The Foundation“, he challenges this and points out reasons why milk is bad for the human body and may even be dangerous.

We thought a good way to start out the series was to share an experience from one of our clients.

“I started seeing Dr. Dehaan around 2005. When I went to my first appointment I picked Get Well Stay Well Milk Blogup a copy of his book, The Foundation. At the time I wasn’t as committed to natural health and healing as I am now so when my 2 year old son started having allergy symptoms (runny nose, etc) we took him to his pediatrician. All the doctor did was give us a handful of allergy pills and told us to try one until his symptoms cleared up.

We hadn’t given him any of the medicine yet and were on a trip to Blowing Rock, NC. I was reading the book that evening when I got to the part about milk and how cow milk is not good for the human body. As it turns out, milk/dairy can cause allergy symptoms. Now at the time my son LOVED milk. He drank at least 3 to 4 baby bottles of milk a day. I remember looking over at him as I was reading that section and there he was, drinking his milk!

I showed my wife the book and the next day we drove over to Boone and got some rice milk at Earth Fare and from that day on we gave our son a milk alternative. An amazing thing happened. His symptoms disappeared and to this day haven’t returned. We continue to drink milk alternatives such as Almond or Coconut Milk.”

So as you can see there are problems associated with drinking milk.  In the series Dr. Dehaan will dive deeper into the issues so be sure to read Part2 of this series next!