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Brain Health and Memory

Brain Health and MemoryAs you might imagine, people often come to see me asking for help with memory. As luck would have it, I invented a formula that cures all memory issues, whether genetic or as the result of bad lifestyles. Unfortunately, I just can’t remember where I wrote down the formula!

In all seriousness, the foods for the brain are an important facet, especially if the foods are organic. Turmeric is known to reduce plaque build up in the brain and is anti-inflammatory, so so a wonderful food/spice to incorporate into diet. If you don’t think you can get those foods that are good for your brain into your diet, you have the option of supplementing OMCx. It is the only thing I know that assures you “get it all.”

There are four things in addition to foods that stand out to me as critical to Brain health and memory.

1. Exercise: This means simple movement, it does not have to be an intense workout. ONLY the process of movement activates NEW neurological networks in the body (neurons are what the brain is made up of). Medical texts will tell you that you can not make new neural networks, but that is incorrect.

2. Stimulus: I am afraid that if you don’t use it, you lose it on this one. Always be learning something new, challenging those mental faculties. Think of your brain like a muscle in this respect, if you don’t use it, it gets weak and loses strength.

3. Simplify: This may be the most difficult and the one I find most often as the root issue when people come asking about their memory issues. Our lives are so busy in the modern world, from work, the kids, social events .. run, run, run. If you take time each day to medicate, calm the mind, do Chi-Gong or something of the sort, you are probably fine. But so often I find the root cause of the problem is just “busy” .. so busy that the mind never gets to catch up to the rat race that so many people face. So, simplify, get rid of the complications, slow down, life should not be that hectic! If I had to put a term to what I am talking about, it is time each day to self reflect .. which means play the day over, feel it, come to peace with it, forgive, forget, or do whatever you think is right and appropriate.

4. Water: The body is 70+ percent water, the blood is 90+percent water, do you think water is important for the health of all our vital parts? Water ALONE often makes a huge difference in mental acuity, which means the brain is working better. How much? Take your body weight, divide that in half, and that number is the amount of ounces you want each day.

+PS, if there was a 5th point, NEVER cook in aluminum .. your brain hates that! And nonstick pans are aluminum underneath, so if you have any scratches in the part of the pan where your foods go, throw the pan away.