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Colon Cleansing

Death Begins in the Colon. That sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it? But that is the statement made by Dr. Bernard Jensen, one of the best natural healers of his time. He operated a clinic where people would come and get healed after the medical doctors said there was no hope. One of his specialties was colon cleansing with high enemas, which is a sort of do-it-yourself colonic and deeper flush. Decades later, after seeing all sorts of ungodly things pass from people, then becoming better, he wrote a book about it called, ‘Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management’.

If you get into natural health, you will begin to learn about nutrition and you will definitely begin to hear that you need to cleanse. There is great misunderstanding around what a ‘cleanse’ is or should be, but the target of cleansing is generally the Colon. It makes sense as the colon is where the body sends all waste products until they are eliminated in a bowel movement. The body is a very efficient system, “fearfully and wonderfully made” as long as you are only ingesting items that the body was actually intended to deal with. Today’s modern world offers us so many tasty and enticing things that do not belong in the body, and most people get precious little fiber to help entrap those items and hold them for elimination.

Nature’s protective mechanism is to secrete mucus in the colon to protect against toxins, poisons and other waste products. It works along with fiber to trap those things that might do the body harm. Because the average diet has strayed so far from the foods and items the body was designed to process, the protective mechanism is forced to work continuously producing an abundance of mucus with little chance of it being eliminated. Layer piles upon layer, mucus thickens and becomes gel like, often hardens like rubber…you can imagine how toxic that is to just sit in the body.

But wait, you had a colonoscopy and it showed everything was squeaky clean, so you definitely don’t need any colon cleansing. And yet, when those same people get on a serious colon cleanse, what is that nasty stuff they are passing, and where did it come from? The simple fact is that unless you have been eating an almost completely raw, vegan, organic diet, than you have the need for colon cleansing.

While I do not promote that a vegetarian diet is the best for everyone, meat, dairy and refined carbohydrates are foods that the human intestine was not created or designed to deal with. Animals in nature that eat meat as a staple in their diets have very short colons. Humans have a colon that is 6-8 feet long. When an acid food must spend that much time in transit, it promotes secretion of the elements the body will use to build mucoid linings. But no matter what the diet, linings will develop. The reason for this is that food must be completely digested or the body treats that food like a foreign substance. It may even treat it like a toxin depending on your inability to absorb and metabolize all the elements in that food. Overall, the healthier you eat, the fewer linings you will have and you will not need to do colon flushing as often. But you can safely assume that you have mucoid linings that need elimination, like the ones in the photo.

We assume that when we eat food, the body extracts the nutrients it can and the rest is sent to the colon where it is passed when we have a bowel movement. We have discussed that one bowel movement per meal is healthy, and should be considered regular. But regular still does not predict that the intestine is actually passing all of the waste material. When you eat something the body is not fully able to digest, the body also becomes confused with how to eliminate properly. At least Ninety-five percent of what you eat is supposed to be moved out as waste. The only thing the body takes are the nutrients and only five percent of healthy fruits and vegetables is nutrition, the rest is pulp and fiber that remains in the intestine as waste for elimination. Imagine what percent of unhealthy foods need to be passed . . . 99.5%? Now suppose your body has not been passing the entire contents of the waste you have been consuming. This percent begins to rot and putrefy along the walls of your intestine. Not just your large intestine, it forms in your small intestine as well. And there are over twenty feet of it.

The body considers this waste as toxic material that will be absorbed into the main circulation, which means an eventual threat to health. The defense is to produce mucous and place it as a protective covering around the toxic waste. Over time, you get more and more of this and it literally goes from putrefied to petrified. These are referred to as mucoid linings- mucus formed as a response to toxins which hardens into a rubbery lining. Many of the old linings that people pass are literally as hard at tire rubber. People can’t cut them with a knife. So when I say petrify, I mean petrify. And all this started with innocent undigested food, which might have been assumed good for you. I have supplied a few photos so that you might understand why you feel terrible, and why disease can so easily take over a body. It’s no different than putting a little sugar, salt and flour in your gas tank every time you fill the car and then wondering why you lose performance over time. After a certain amount of build up, the car starts to sputter and stall and eventually just shuts down the motor. When you take the motor apart, you find all this gunk and it seems perfectly reasonable that the engine would no longer run. We understand why a motor needs cleaning and maintenance, yet we assume our organic, living, biological bodies are unstoppable. Why do we assume our body is different?

So what is the best cleanse? There are tons of options, most in supplement form. Some are pretty good and some are complete trash, so here are some tips.

  1. Increase your fiber. If you equate the fact that the human body was designed to be fed raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains (all very high fiber), and all nutrition comprises 5% or less of a food, it leaves 95% of our diet is intended to be fiber! If you don’t have a diet that equates, take our IC-1 on a daily basis. Because most of our diets contain (or in the past contained) chemicals, preservatives, toxic metals, dyes and so forth, you need something that will help attract and bind to the toxins in the colon so they can be eliminated. Consider the IC-2 product along with the IC-1 for a more thorough cleanse.
  2. The second big issue is water. The intestine needs water to keep that sludge moving along. What moves easiest in a tube, watered down sludge or try, pasty sludge? How much water is enough? Take your body weight, divide it by two and that number is how many ounces you need a day. If you are not thirsty enough to want that much water, you are probably too sedentary, so get off your tush and work up a thirst. For those of you who drink the right amount and say the water just goes right through you, or you have dry skin anyway, look at some Thyroid support. You may need Thyroid Support and be Iodine deficient.
  3. The third issue for colon cleansing is exercise. The intestine is full of muscles that move the food from one end to the other in a wave called peristalsis. This is literally a muscle contraction. Some of it is instigated by a brain signal, but lots of it is initiated by your daily movement and abdominal muscle signals.
  4. Did you know that the bile produced by your liver (and stored in the gallbladder) can melt cement? Yes, it is used for digesting fats and other elements, but it also serves to keep the stool soft and moving along. Besides water, nature’s stool softener is bile. If you have a tendency toward liver congestion, you can take the Bowel Stimulant. This stuff works like nothing you have ever seen .. it will make you proud! While the Bowel Stimulant is all herbal and will cause you no harm, take it for a while to regain some regulation. If you need a daily “help” see if you can stay regular with the IC-1 fiber each evening. Take the Bowel Stimulant when you need additional help (weekends maybe?).
  5. Colon Cleanse Recipe. The tips above are for natural colon cleansing. If you desire to move old waste material out like the mucus and toxic stuff that is likely in there, use them all together. Start with the IC-1, use a scoop each evening. Make sure you do ok on that for a couple days. Then add in the IC-2 as directed. Do that for one day. The second day, add a Bowel Stimulant with dinner. The goal is to get as many bowel movements as possible without causing diarrhea. So the third day, if you think you can add another Bowel Stimulant, do it. Go as high as you can WITHOUT causing diarrhea. DO NOT do this if you are pregnant or nursing though.
  6. Real Cleansing. I am sorry to tell you that the body is unable to fully clean while it is also having to digest food. Ok, so maybe you don’t eat anything from dinner time to breakfast or even lunch each day .. is that plenty of time to clean house? If you have a really healthy diet, as in almost all raw, vegan diet, yes, you are fine, but make sure you are getting some breakfast. The body tries to clean while you are sleeping and fruits are cleansers, so the more ripe, in season fruit you can eat in the morning, the better. If you are not a super dedicated raw vegan, the only way to do a thorough cleanse is to fast. No, not for a whole day silly, it takes 10 days to get to the deep tissues. Each day you are not eating, the body goes a little deeper in its ability to dump old waste. I don’t really recommend water fasting for most, so look into the Lemonade-Master Cleanse. Add the products listed and use the way I described in #5 above and you will almost surely pass mucoid linings of your own.
  7. Die Hard Cleansing. What? Like 10 days of fasting with lots of extra pooping isn’t die hard enough? Add some colon flushing to that and you can consider yourself a certified die hard cleanser. In this step you are combining points #5 and #6 above, and flushing the colon with water.