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You Are What You Eat! – The Doctrine of Signatures Continued

In my last blog I introduced you to The Doctrine of Signatures.  If you missed that blog I suggest you go back and read it first and then come back to this one!  You can find it by clicking here!

You are what you eat

And so we can begin to describe what you are by looking at the things that you eat, because The Doctrine of Signatures Part 2you absorb and become one with everything that you eat. While science does not give much attention or credit to the possible connection of diet and psychology, there are dozens of books and research papers proving the diet/health connection. You may not have heard about it because the food monopolies do not hold your health over the priority of sales, but we all know that we are as different as the fingerprint that makes us unique. But there are some very common characteristics that can help us achieve or fail in various areas of life, and when these are observed, you will find that many of the same items are being used as food. In other words, the food you eat is helping to dictate the kind of person you are. It dictates the amount of courage, initiative, perspective and fear or irritability you have. This information is good news and bad news. It is good news because you no longer have to settle for what you think you had: the possibility of change is within your grasp This concept can be bad news because in order to change your negative personalities and characteristics, you will have to change your dietary habits, and food is probably the love of your life. Let me say that again, food is probably the love of your life.

Most of us have not thought about it that way, but just try to avoid all the foods you like and see how you feel after a couple of days. Your attitude will become depressed, violent, angry or whatever emotion you use to demonstrate feelings of great loss and loneliness. The hardest part of what you need to learn is that the foods you are most in love with are most often are feeding the most undesirable qualities in your health and personality. It is almost a catch-22. The person with anger problems loves fried foods, and the more fried food he eats, the deeper the anger problem becomes. Physiologically speaking, anger is an emotion present when the liver is out of balance, and fried foods are direct irritants to the liver. The weaker your liver becomes, the more anger you will experience. And yes, the healthier your liver becomes, the less anger you will feel. This concept applies to each organ and gland of the body with its correlating foods and emotional patterns.

Do you control your food, or does it control you?

 At this point, possibilities of what we might become enter our mind, so now we must think of the place that we hold in the great food chain. Everything tends to migrate to a similar level. If you are a child, you will migrate to where other children are. If you are one who likes to talk about sports, you will find those who have similar interests. The same will occur with foods. Look at the people and the places with which you associate and see if it is where you want to be. You may find that you are in a place that is less than you desire. If this is the case, you need to become inspired so that you will be strong enough to change and be different. It is time to realize that in all areas of life, you are either a follower or a leader. You will either become the properties in the essence of the foods you eat (follower), or you will decide what you need to be and eat foods that feed those particular qualities you seek (leader). It would be nice to think that we entrain the items that we eat, so they become us, but the digestion, assimilation and metabolic process make us vulnerable to the elements going into our body. It is much more likely that we become what we eat than it is that it becomes us. So will you be a follower or a leader? Will you control or be controlled? I am not talking about a leader of people, but a leader in the personal choices you have to make so that you will become what you wish to manifest. You may be a follower by nature, but you are the only one that holds responsibility for your health. If you don’t become a leader for your own health, you will certainly follow disease to a painful death, and only you can answer for that.

Everything finds its own level

 For those who understand that food is not of any benefit to the body unless it is digested, it needs to be made clear that lack of digestion has an entirely unique effect on the body as well. A very negative effect, if I might add. And so it is not only a discussion of making foods work for you as much as it is a life choice so that you do not become entrained to a level that is not acceptable. Just as a rock will fall from the air seeking its own level, so does every element. Man has mined uranium and plutonium from the depths of the earth and these elements are out of place, so they create catastrophe (bombs). If these elements were dumped in the soil, they would gradually find their level and make their way to the depths of the earth where they belong. These elements do not create catastrophe on their own level, only a level that is not their own. And so you can eat a carrot and although there is no soil for that carrot to fall to in your body, it will plant itself in your body and affect it in some way. All elements that should not be in your body have an effect and that effect will be anywhere from negative to devastating depending on how out of place it is. All fruits and vegetables and items that are grown in the soil and have not been genetically engineered are good and positive and entrain good qualities, while items such as chemicals, preservatives, colorings and other man-made substances are acting in your body much the same way the uranium and plutonium do on the surface of the earth – catastrophically, creating death for innocent people who either did not know better or didn’t choose more wisely.

Is what you eat more important than what you think, or vice versa?

 Food and thought are both sides of the coin, and yet both influence the other very deeply. What you know and think will help you decide what you eat, but what you eat will create what you think. Steve Gagne says it best in The Energetics of Food when he states, “Look into the mirror of what you eat, and you will learn to see yourself. Look into the mirror of yourself, and you will find a reflection of what you are eating.”

In our final installment of this series I’ll summarize the energetics of food.  See you next time!