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Natural Contraceptive Options

What happens when you want to postpone or halt the potential of getting pregnant? We base everything on the concept, “How was it intended to be?” Well, the Bible says be fruitful and multiply, so I doubt there is any way to consistently stop pregnancy naturally. Well now, there is abstinence, but that doesn’t work long for most people, and we were told to be fruitful and multiply, so abstinence isn’t in our nature either.

There are methods, such as rhythm, which is where the woman tracks her fertile days and stays clear of sex for that period of time. Sperm can stay alive for up to five days, so you would have to abstain from sex for at least 5 days prior to the fertile time, then through the fertile time as well. But then, I know of several children conceived even though the parents were using this method. There are other methods out there, but I have never seen any of them work consistently enough to make me feel confident should I be trying to avoid pregnancy (well, my wife). I have even met people who said they only had sex during the woman’s cycle week to assure there was no issue, and even that didn’t work! So back to the initial question, “Is there a natural contraceptive?” Guess not! When the Creator said be fruitful and multiply, I guess He meant it.

Maybe the men can help for a change. The most successful case I have ever heard of was an experiment done by a group of men. They rigged a bowl that would sit on the toilet seat so they could sit with their testicles hanging in the bowl. This is not the toilet bowl, but a bowl sitting on the rim of the toilet. The bowl had hot water in it, as hot as the person could handle without causing pain. The men would sit on the toilet seat and allow the testicles to remain in the hot water for as long as 30 minutes. It is more comfortable for the man to hold the penis out of the water, just the testicles go in the water. The heat deactivates the reproductive mechanism (sperm count) for about a month. The men reported that this worked 100% of the time as long as they did not lapse their “treatment” past the 30 day period. It’s all natural. But then, if we go back to the, “How was it intended to be,” you don’t find hot water in nature, so it isn’t really natural is it? One must wonder what the long term side effects of treating testicles in such a manner might be. I am not sure, but you should consider it so you don’t damage a mechanism you may need later.

Good luck!