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Digestion, Assimilation, and Metabolism


Dr. Dehaan’s goal at Get Well Stay Well at Home is to educate our clients, followers, and readers on how to stay well and healthy without the use of drugs and surgeries.  Based on data we are collecting we believe there is a need to educate on an often overlooked topic, Digestion, Assimilation, and Metabolism!

We believe that most people don’t think about these things.  I’m eating well, taking supplements, eliminating, cleansing and detoxing. I’m good!!  But healthy foods and supplements don’t do the body much good if the body can’t turn them into energy and other elements needed to support the cells and tissues that create all the actions and functions in the body.

We are traditionally taught that enzymes need to be supplemented and as much as 80% of our diet needs to be in the form of raw fruits and vegetables if enough enzymes are to become available for normal digestion to occur. While this information cannot be argued, these practices can only assure us healthy digestion at best. It plays a very small role in the assimilative or metabolic function. In other words, most people are focusing on the fact that the intestine must digest the food you eat (which is true), but digestion is only the first stage of what must occur before the elements can actually be used by your cells. So you can digest all day long but if you don’t assimilate the nutrients and then metabolize them, the enzymes haven’t helped you much. Assimilation requires a healthy small intestine and metabolism requires healthy cellular functions. And so digestion, assimilation and metabolism are the second part of the Get Well, Stay Well program.

Over the next few weeks we are going to post more blogs to educate you on digestion, assimilation, and metabolism.  Stay tuned!